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Download for free the full version of Minecraft 0.11.1 for Android and travel through the waters by boat!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.11.1?

In this version of Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.1, new blocks and items have appeared. Also now the game has fishing and, of course, fish. Another big innovation is the boats to sail .


8 mobs were added to Mineccraft PE 0.11.1. However, not all of them are present in the regular game. For example, ghasts, which also appeared in the update, are not available to the regular user .

Bats and Cave Spiders

The player, having descended into the dungeons, may notice some flying creatures. This will turn out to be bats . They are completely harmless and for the most part are present solely for the atmosphere. But, in turn, cave spiders that appear in mines can poison with their bite .

Lava cubes have also appeared in Minecraft PE 0.11.0. They can only be spawned using spawn eggs.


This version boasts an abundance of new items. Among them, deserve a boat and a fishing rod . With the help of the first, the player can safely sail the sea. And with the help of the second – to fish, which also appeared in Minecraft PE 0.11.1. It should also be mentioned that there are now creative tools in the inventory .


Unlike items, their developers from Mojang added only 2 to Minecraft 0.11.1. The first one, a redstone block, currently has no functionality. But the second new block, the grass path, has replaced the the gravel path in the villages.

Other minor changes in MCPE 0.11.1

Several innovations from Mojang in Minecraft 0.11.1:

  • mossy and carved stone bricks can be crafted;
  • a bucket of milk removes all effects;
  • if a player is hit by a burning mob, he will also catch fire;
  • wolves can be fed with rotten flesh;
  • Rotten Flesh eaten by a player causes a poison effect.


  • Fixed player burning issue in Creative?

    Yes, the player no longer burns in creative mode
  • Can the poison effect kill?

    No, this effect will simply reduce the number of lives to a minimum.
  • How can you quickly get rid of the poisoning?

    I need to drink a bucket of milk.