Download mod for portals on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download mod for portals for Minecraft PE : instantly teleport over huge distances in the game world.

Best Portal Mods for Minecraft PE

Many Minecraft PE players are familiar with the Portal series of games from the Valve studio. In it, users need to move with the portal gun . Fans of the franchise would like to see this mechanic in the cube sandbox.

From now on, this can be implemented using various mods for portals. It is worth noting that some of them work on the basis of redstone mechanisms. Such developments are capable of functioning on a huge number of versions of the game.

Portal 2

The presented mod for portals for Minecraft PE is closest to the original game Portal 2. In this add-on, the following items are implemented:

  • portal cannon;
  • gravity gun;
  • turrets;
  • radio;
  • fall damage boots;
  • companion cube.

The modification works on the mechanics of ModPE, so to run it you need to install Blocklauncher . After that, select the .modpkg script in the settings and start the game.

Portal Cannons

The next mod for portals for Minecraft PE functions on the basis of redstone mechanisms . To create passages, users have to use the portal cannon from Portal 2. It replaces any pig or sheep in the game world with a gate.

Portal Cores

The author of this mod for portals brings popular characters to Minecraft PE – the core of emotions for Glados. However, they can only be used in the game for trading. These cute characters have no other functionality.

Info: Previously unseen Glados portal modules have replaced absolutely all creatures from MCPE. This fact can be a significant disadvantage for some users.

We recommend using this add-on together with the first mod of our collection. This combination will allow you to better immerse yourself in the world of the famous game Portal 2.


  • For which series of games were portal mods created?

    They are implemented using the Portal fanchise.
  • What do you need to create a portal?

    This requires a portal cannon.
  • What creatures of the game Portal can be found in the world of Minecraft PE?

    Glados modules can be seen in the game world.