Download XM Guns mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download XM Guns mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to destroy opponents using a huge arsenal of different weapons and try new 3D models!

Best XM Guns Mod for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE developers release a new release version of an update every year. It can be Mountains and Caves, Hellish or Technical update. Each of them has new types of weapons and ways to destroy their enemies.

However, this does not always satisfy the players. After all, the fact is that some are waiting for real firearms in Minecraft PE, which cannot be there. All this is connected with the rating “for children” and the setting of the Middle Ages, where there is no place for the modern history of mankind.

However, the situation is easily resolved by modders who create mods for firearms. The XM Guns came out the same way. An addon that is filled with many types of weapons and equipment.


The XM developer has created the XM Guns mod as a normal experience. However, it grew into a huge project, loved by many for its ideas and their implementation.

Thanks to the efforts of the player, everyone can try to use 25 types of weapons and even 5 bombs in Minecraft PE.

It should be borne in mind that this is not realistic, but rather a comic mod. So here you can find a bubble cannon or a flying diamond sword.


The process of getting weapons from the XM Guns mod in Minecraft PE is pretty simple. To do this, you must use one of three methods.

The first one is to take the necessary items from the inventory of the Minecraft PE creative mode.

The second and third are team-based. In one case, you must enter / give * name *. In the second, everything is much simpler: one command allows you to get the whole arsenal at once – / function xm.


Also, the author of the XM Guns mod decided to make a rather interesting reloading mechanic of your weapon.

It is necessary in any crafting window, be it a workbench or a character, to place an unloaded cannon and a new pack of ammunition.


  • How to reload weapons from XM Guns in Minecraft PE?

    In the crafting window, combine a new pack of ammo and your weapon.
  • How can you get a weapon from XM Guns?

    This requires either typing / give for each weapon or / function xm to get everything at once, or using the creative inventory ..
  • How do I find out all the information about a mod?

    To do this, just go to the world that comes with the add-on.