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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Hell, Mountain and Cave update Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live: copper, lightning rod, bilge blocks, stalactites and stalagmites are waiting for you.
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Minecraft PE – What’s new in the game?

The developers at Mojang Studios are still continuing to update MCPE 1.16. Minecraft has two new blocks, each of which deserves special attention. Also, the developers have done a lot of work on fixing bugs.


In Minecraft PE from now on you can register any sounds . The thing is that the cheekbone block reacts to all kinds of vibrations nearby. For example, if the user moves next to this block, he will activate and give a redstone signal.

After that, after a while, it fades out. It should be noted that one cheekbone block in Minecraft Bedrock cannot catch the vibrations generated by the second . This block will be especially useful when building various types of traps. After all, now you do not need to thread or try to hide the pressure plates.

At the moment, the cheekbone block can only be obtained using the Creative Inventory.

Stalactites and stalagmites

In Minecraft, a new threat can await the player in the caves – stalactites and stalagmites . Stalactites are located on the ceilings of the caves and can fall on the user at any time. This can lead to instant death.

Interesting: This block can be combined with others of the same type to create a longer stalactite or stalagmite.

Stalagmites, unlike stalactites, are on the ground. However, they are just as dangerous. After all, these blocks can be overlooked and fall on them, which will also lead to at least the loss of a certain number of lives.

Mountain Goat

Quite an interesting mob that can only be seen in mountain biomes in Minecraft PE The mountain goat is a neutral mob, but at any time can butt the player or any other mob . Therefore, you should be extremely careful with him.

The unique attack animation of the mountain goat deserves special attention. First, the acceleration animation is played, after which this mob starts running with all its might towards its target. If such a furious mountain goat collides with a solid block, then a goat’s horn will fall out of it.

The mountain goat can be propagated, tied with a rope and dragged along.


In Minecraft, the developers also added new material – copper . You can get it from copper ore, which is found in caves. The peculiarity of copper lies in its ability to oxidize in air.

Lightning rod

With the advent of copper, players in Minecraft PE can now make a lightning rod . It serves to discharge lightning and is installed on the roof of the building.


  • How long does the zygomatic block remain active in Minecraft PE

    Just 2 seconds.
  • How to breed a mountain goat?

    For this you need to use wheat.
  • How to get stalactites or stalagmites?

    They are generated only in karst caves.