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Download the full version of Minecraft PE 1.5.0 for Android with a working Xbox Live and get to know the new sea world!

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5.0?

Finally, the Mojang developers have released a second part of the water update . In this update, both new mobs and blocks and items were added.


Minecraft 1.5.0 introduced us to two new creatures: drowned man and turtle . If everything is clear with the first, then we will consider the second in more detail.


You can meet them in Minecraft PE 1.5.0 on the shore. They are very fond of algae , with which, by the way, you can breed them.

After you feed them, one of them, after a while will lay eggs on dry land .

FACT: The place where the turtle will lay an egg will be the place where it will spawn.

But be careful, as hostile mobs will try to break their masonry as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Blocks and items

In Minecraft 1.5.0, several new items appeared at once, as well as one previously unseen block.

Marine Guide

This block has two very useful properties. The sea guide in Minecraft 1.5.0 can impose the effect of sea power on players in contact with water, as well as damage hostile mobs .

It’s not easy to craft as you need 8 nautilus shells and one heart of the sea .

This item can be found in ruins or in a sunken ship.

Other items

In addition to the conductor, Minecraft PE 1.5.0 has a shield, carapace and a potion of power. The shield can be obtained by when the turtle is born .

Bubble Pillar

Another interesting innovation in Minecraft 1.5.0 is the bubble columns. They can be very useful as they can be used to replenish oxygen .

They can be crafted from two blocks: magma and soul sand.

TIP: To avoid taking damage from being on the magma block, you need to crouch.


  • Could hostile mobs be a threat to turtle eggs?

    Yes, they actively try to break them at every opportunity.
  • Why did I feed the dolphin, but he swam a little and stopped?

    You need to feed it until it reaches the ruins or a sunken ship.
  • How to get a sea guide in Minecraft PE 1.5.0?

    It can only be crafted from the heart of the sea and a nautilus shell.