Download crypto city map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.12.0 - 1.20.81

Download Cryptocity map for Minecraft PE : the house of Hades and Demaster, tall skyscrapers and much more!

Crypto City – What is it?

As you know, the 21st century is the century of technology. It was at this time that the digital currency came to replace the usual monetary currency. One of the types of such money is cryptocurrency.

With the development of such technologies, entire cities appear based on them. One of these cities was the krypgorod, where Hades and Demaster lived .

It is worth noting that the map was built by one of the fans of this series in Minecraft PE. Therefore, there may be minor discrepancies.

Beginning of Survival

When entering the map for the first time, the player will appear on the main street of the crypto city Minecraft PE. Here it will be surrounded by rather tall buildings.

The main one will be on sale, and at the entrance to it there will be a sign with the seller’s number. To the right of the main building is the post office , the door of which opens at the touch of a button.

Shoe Store

If the user needs new shoes, he can always buy them in shoe store in Minecraft PE. It is located in the passage under the building, located to the left of the main building.

TIP: If you take a closer look around the interior of the store, you will notice a secret passage to a rather interesting room.

House of Hades and Demaster

Entering the passage under the building, which was mentioned earlier, you can get to another street in the city. It is at the end of this street that the house where Hades and Demaster lived in Minecraft PE.

This street also has a path to another part of the city.

The second part of the Crypto City

After passing the entire tunnel, the player will find himself in the second part of the Crypto City in Minecraft PE. There is a fire station right at the end of the main street. Turning left, the player will notice a police station with a prison .

In case there is an urgent need for food, there is a street cafe right here.


  • Is the crypto city map original?

    No, this is a copy made by one of the fans of this story. But despite this, the card is almost indistinguishable from the original.
  • How to install the card?

    You just need to click on the file, after which the automatic installation will start.
  • Is there a texture pack of cryptocurrency on the map?

    No, there is no such texture.