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Download zombie apocalypse maps for Minecrat PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download zombie apocalypse maps for Minecraft PE and fight the undead for your life!

The best zombie apocalypse maps for Minecraft PE

Everyone knows films where, it would seem, in the most peaceful time, a disaster strikes for all mankind. People gradually begin to become infected and turn into zombies – the walking dead .

And the main characters will have a long struggle to save the whole world.

Many Minecraft PE map builders, inspired by these stories, decided to create their own maps on this topic.


This map is pretty old and works on almost all versions of Minecraft PE. Its small functionality does not diminish the pleasure of wrestling in the least.

The player will have to survive 10 waves , after which he can be proud of his victory with confidence.

Zombies must be released manually one by one. Each of them has level numbers.

Post-apocalypse world

This map is truly inspiring in its size and appearance . This location accurately conveys the atmosphere of the destroyed world after the zombie apocalypse in Minecraft PE. While exploring the world, the player will stumble upon tall buildings covered with vines.

This map was originally conceived for the hunger games mini-game. Therefore, if you wish, you can organize an interesting game with your friends on it.


This map, unlike others, has its own storyline in Minecraft PE. According to it, the zombies were caught and imprisoned the player from which he must escape.

There are 6 plot chapters in total: city, house, subway, suburb, hospital and library. Each of them has its own history and its own end.

FACT: There are over 100 command blocks working in this map.

Zombies Franchise

On this map, the player will have to fight with a large number of zombies in Minecraft PE. Points will be accumulated in the course of the fight. Using these points, the player can open new locations, buy weapons .

You can survive as long as your strength allows. This will make it possible to arrange competitions with friends.

Zombie City

In turn, on this map for Minecraft PE, a city was built after the zombie apocalypse. The main goal of passing the location is survival, as well as killing the dragon . To simplify this task, resource chests are located throughout the city.

You can place and break blocks only in the apartment of one of the skyscrapers. This is the only place where it is possible to set a portal to End.


  • How to install a hardcore card?

    You need to move the contents of the archive to games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • I found Powerup Machines on the Zombies Franchise map, what is it?

    He will give you a piece of wool. Throwing this piece of wool on the ground will give you a unique ability.
  • How do I find out how many points I have on the Zombies Franchise map?

    They will be shown in the hotbar on the right side of the screen.