Minecraft PE

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Beta Version

Download Minecraft on android with working Xbox Live and grow new plants.

Minecraft PE Beta

The well-known and beloved studio Mojang continues to release updates to the Minecraft cubic world Once again, we were delighted with the news. A music disc appeared in the game, a plant such as a water lily and much more. Survive in a more advanced game world and enjoy unique innovations.

Music disc

In Minecraft PE, another sound disc has appeared containing a unique melody. This allows players to enjoy it while playing and make the game experience more interesting and varied. This innovation opens up new opportunities for players to create a unique atmosphere in their game worlds and allows them to enjoy music while playing.

Sniffer eggs

In Minecraft, you can find Sniffer’s egg only in suspicious sands located in sea dungeons. This egg is extremely rare and requires the use of an archaeological brush to find it. However, in order not to damage the egg, you should be careful and carefully dig out the sand. Preserving the integrity of the egg is the key to its safety and value.


Hatching a mob from a Sniffer egg in the world of Minecraft PE is accompanied by an interesting property, which is especially pronounced during the hatching process. When placing an egg on a block of moss, the mob will hatch in 10 minutes. Whereas if the egg is placed on any other block in the 3D world, the hatching time will increase to 20 minutes.


In the latest Minecraft update, a unique new plant was added – water lilies. They can be grown with the help of a new mob – Sniffer. If you plant this beautiful flower near a pond and give it time, you can enjoy colorful flowers. Which, by the way, are perfect for creating a unique and attractive decoration.


  • Is it possible to craft hanging signs from cherry wood?

    Yes, it is possible.
  • How to spawn Sniffer?

    Players can use its egg.
  • What players can do with brushes?

    These items can be used for cleaning suspicious sand.