Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and expend all exciting moments in the block space, remember them for a long time.

Minecraft PE Release

Inventive creators are making every effort to interact with all inhabitants, including blocks, to be as productive as possible. Thus, this time, tough walls are no longer unseen on the territory.

Slabs made of the material have the necessary explosion impedance, and bricks have the same destruction time as the rest of the blocks. Which means they can not be crushed instantly in Minecraft PE

Wind charge

As you know, players can get this type of ranged attack by defeating a mob named Breeze. Most likely, it can be found in a location called the Trial Chamber. It appears from the Trial Spawner or Ominous Trial Spawner block.

Be careful, because he is very cunning. Before the attack, it shrinks and players who know about it can prepare in time to repel the blow. In Minecraft, there have been some modifies specifically with the Wind Charge:

  1. Do not damage the mobs like a dragon when it is sitting;
  2. Eponymous charms cannot be obtained in exchange for villagers;
  3. Getting out of the water using this attack will reduce the fall damage.

Other changes

In Minecraft PE, there have been changes in almost all aspects of the gameplay. For example, the processing of interrupts of game prompts has been worked out. Added a similar action if the player is in lava.

The developers have disabled the swimming board if a touchscreen device is used.

Among other things, in this version of the game, users will witness the transformations that will occur with various blocks. For example, Ominous Trial Spawner and other similar objects. Explore the innovations to use them in the gameplay.


  • By defeating which mob can players get a Wind Charge in Minecraft PE

  • Where can they meet him in MCPE

    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What is tuff used for? For construction and decoration.