Minecraft PE 1.19.0

Version 1.19.0 for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft 1.19.0 for Android free with a working Xbox Live and plunge into the brand-new world of a wild upgrade full of fireflies and frogs!

Minecraft 1.19.0 Wild Update

Minecraft 1.19.0 is another exciting and very big update. It is part of an update called The Wild Update and has made a lot of interesting innovations. For example, new mobs and even their varieties have appeared in the game!

Developers from Mojang Studios have renewed the undersea world again, adding tadpoles and frogs there. And the nights in the video game world have become a lot more interesting since they are now embellished with fireflies. In Minecraft 1.19.0, a new block has likewise appeared, which you will definitely find practical.


It is another aquatic inhabitant in Minecraft 1.19.0. But the frog can not be considered a completely aquatic mob because it can also be on land. In addition, this amphibian has received many other species, each of which is different.


But the following can be said about all of them: they are big fans of jumping on water lilies and hard sheets. In Minecraft 1.19.0, there are frozen and tropical frogs among the types of frogs.


Fireflies are a mob whose charm can just be enjoyed in Minecraft 1.19.0 in the evening or in the dark. They can be seen from afar because they look like luminous clouds.

Fireflies in Minecraft 1.19.0 are only 2 pixels in size. This means that it is very small. It ought to be pointed out that frogs eat these pests.

Boat with a chest

Amongst the important and beneficial developments in Minecraft 1.19.0, we can keep in mind a boat with a chest. Often, Steve is faced with such an issue as transporting things by water. This tool will make this procedure much more manageable.


This thing is a kind of analog of a trolley with a chest. However, a boat with a chest has one, however a big benefit. In Minecraft 1.19.0, the gamer has the option to board a ship even if it has plenty of things.

Skulk blocks

Sculk blocks began to appear in places where slate blocks accumulate in Minecraft 1.19, which have useful functionality for players. Of greatest interest to users are such as sculk shrieker, acting as a sound sensor.

He also knows how to cause the effect of darkness, worsening the visibility of the players. A sculk sensor performs a similar function, but it can not only catch a signal but also transmit sound waves. Sculk catalyst works as an experience store.