Download mod for magic wands for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.12.0 - 1.20.71

Download mod for magic wands for Minecraft PE : previously unseen magical artifacts will help you in the study of witchcraft.

The best magic wand mods for Minecraft PE

In the original version of Minecraft PE, magic does not exist as such. However, users have the ability to apply enchantments to items. Also in the world of the game there are summoners and the semblance of alchemy.

Despite all this, there is little or no opportunity for players to face actual sorcery. For this reason, fashions were born that bring magic to the sandbox.

From now on, users will be able to conjure magic wands , which are composed of various materials. To mine them, you will need to find special ores.


The Arcane Wizadry mod adds a huge variety of unique magic wands to Minecraft PE . Moreover, all of them can be created even in survival mode without using cheats. This fact will greatly delight many fans of fair play.

We will consider the recipes for crafting only the most magical staves of the add-on. For example, creating a fire stick requires an iron block, obsidian, and two sticks.

Information: The fire artifact from the mod for Minecraft PE is capable of setting fire to any creatures, as well as blocks and objects.

To craft a Water Stick, you need Prismarine Shards and a Nautilus Shell. Its distinctive feature is the generation of fluid, which allows you to drown enemies .

It is worth noting the poisonous magic wand, which is capable of poisoning opponents . It consists of emeralds and a spider’s eye. There is also a magnetic staff made of iron blocks and ingots.

Important: The sorcery enchant magnet wand allows users to pull objects from a distance.

Moreover, an enchanting staff is available in the add-on. To create it, you need two blocks of diamonds and a hell star. This magic artifact inflicts massive damage on all mobs except undead .


  • What kinds of magic wands are available in fashion?

    Players have access to sticks of fire, water, poisoning and many others.
  • What is the wand made of?

    It consists of two diamond blocks and a Nether star.
  • What is a water magic wand capable of?

    He can drown opponents in water.