Download animation mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download animation mods for Minecraft PE and bring beautiful player movements, realistic death of creatures and the dab gesture to the game.

Top Animation Mods for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE playable characters move not so realistically. Some gestures even defy logical explanation. Because of this, some of the player manipulations seem pretty comical.

Fortunately, various animation mods improve this aspect of the game. They are designed to improve the realism of most of the movements of the heroes of the users.

From now on, game characters not only move beautifully, but even received previously unseen features . For example, climbing the tops of mountain ranges.

User animation

This mod for Minecraft PE slightly changes the user model . It has become more voluminous and detailed. Thanks to this innovation, the players have increased the realism of all joints.

Information: The add-on improves the animation of walking, running, swimming, jumping and mining blocks.

The presented innovations will make your hero’s movements alive . Because of this, watching him from a third person will be a pleasure.

Realistic death

The developers of this mod decided to significantly modify the mechanics of creature deaths . Now absolutely all the mobs in the game will die with realistic animation. In ordinary Minecraft PE, creatures simply disappear, which looks pretty boring.

It is worth noting that in the modification, each mob will have its own death visualization. For example, a creeper will drop gunpowder and a cloud labeled Boom.


The author of this animation mod added the famous meme gesture dab to Minecraft PE. This is a dance movement in which a person lowers his head and covers it with his hand, and raises the other limb to the side. He personifies victory or a successfully completed task.

The aforementioned gesture has become famous for social media videos . It has long lost its relevance, but this does not diminish the beauty of its appearance.


  • Which player actions animations are improved by the first mod of the collection?

    It adds realism to running, walking, jumping, breaking blocks and swimming.
  • What did the developers of the second modification improve?

    They reworked the animation of the death of creatures.
  • What famous gesture does the third addition bring to Minecraft PE?

    Addon adds a meme gesture to the game.