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Download mod for 3D Weapons for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download 3D Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to enjoy an incredible game with a realistic arsenal of weapons from different eras of mankind!

Best 3D Weapon Mods for Minecraft PE

The Minecraft PE development team from Mojang Studios is constantly releasing something new for its game. This is the update of the Caves and the Mountains, this is the update of the Lower World, this is the appearance of unique types of weapons.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the items that it implements in Minecraft PE are often made in a pseudo 3D style. In other words, in appearance the objects are three-dimensional, but in fact they are obtained only with 2D pictures expanded in thickness.

Despite the fact that the game has moved away from this lately, various groups of enthusiastic modders are making real models, using them to create incredible weapon mods.


A player with a stylized nickname MinetasticGamer started developing a real RPG mod, adding several classes .

Each of the classes can be obtained using special commands:

  • / knight – knight;
  • / mage – magician;
  • / hero – hero;
  • / bomber is a bomber.

After that, be sure to try the / level command, as it gives you the 3rd character level. This will help open up new hidden features of your hero with 3D weapons in Minecraft PE.

3D weapons

A small mod for 3D weapons, which was specially created to demonstrate the new capabilities of the Minecraft PE game engine.

Now players will be able to use such parts of the arsenal as:

  • a throwable block of dynamite;
  • shuriken;
  • magma sword;
  • lightsaber;
  • Thor’s hammer;
  • kunai.


A new third version of the 3D weapon mod from the Russian youtuber MishaAlphaGK has been released.

This time in Minecraft PE it will be possible to try 13 types of 3D guns and 1 melee weapon .

To reload, simply hold the magazine with ammo to the desired weapon.


  • Why do you need 3D weapons in Minecraft PE?

    It is necessary to be able to play with beautiful models of weapons.
  • How can you get 3D weapons in survival?

    This will require using special commands or crafting.
  • What commands are used to change the class of the game character?

    You can use / knight, / hero, / bomber and / mage.