Download Minecraft PE 1.1.4

Version 1.1.4 for Android
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Download for free the full version of Minecraft 1.1.4 for Android with a working Xbox Live and visit the forest mansion, beware of its inhabitants!

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1.4 Discovery Update?

In this version of the Exploratory Update, the developers at Mojang have touched on several aspects of the game at once. Minecraft PE 1.1.4 has new mobs, blocks, items, and a large forest mansion. The latter should be said that it is generated exclusively in a dark forest and has a large number of rooms .

Creatures in MCPE 1.1.4

With the release of Minecraft PE 1.1.4, 4 new mobs have appeared in the game. Three of them are hostile towards the player, and the last one is neutral. Separately, it should be said about the llama, which can be found in random biomes. It can be tamed with hay or tied with a leash .

TIP: It is not recommended to damage the llama, as it will start to spit. Llama spit in Minecraft 1.1.4 deals a point of damage .


In addition to creatures, new blocks have also been added to Minecraft PE 1.1.4. There are 8 of them in total. Among them, cement, concrete, and also a magma block deserve special attention.


Cement in Minecraft PE 1.1.4, in contact with water, instantly hardens and turns into concrete . Depending on the type of cement, as many as 16 different concrete blocks can be obtained. Each of them is distinguished by its own color. This block can be used in the construction of various kinds of buildings.

Magma Block

Appears in hell near lava lakes in Minecraft PE 1.1.4. Deals damage to a mob or player on it . Some of the inhabitants of the lower world are an exception.

This property can be used to defend your home.


In total, 2 new items were added to Minecraft 1.1.4: totem of immortality and treasure map . The first one can be especially useful when fighting various bosses. When receiving fatal damage in MCPE 1.1.4, the totem will not let you die. It will replenish a certain number of lives and give a regeneration effect.

It should be noted that the developers took care of balancing, so the totem disappears after use.


The latest innovation in Minecraft PE 1.1.4 is two new enchantments . One of them is used to repair objects, and the other is used for walking on water.


  • How can I get a treasure map in Minecraft 1.1.4?

    It can be redeemed from the cartographer.
  • Does the totem of immortality save you from falling into the abyss?

    No. The totem is not able to teleport the player anywhere to save him.
  • How can I find the forest mansion in MCPE 1.1.4?

    It is extremely difficult to find by accident, so it is recommended to use a treasure map.