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Download Minecraft PE 1.14.20

Version 1.14.20 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft 1.14.20 for Android with a working Xbox Live and meet new mobs that are not afraid of absolutely any monsters!

What’s in the new update?

The new branch of updates Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.14.20, represents innovations related to bees. It is the name Bees & Honey and introduces new mobs to the game, with improved scripts of behavior.

Buzzing Bees

New mobs are a symbol of the update of the Minecraft 1.14.20 branch. Buzzing Bees are mobs with a modern scripting engine . Thanks to them, bees have a certain behavior algorithm for any situation.
Info: Their main task is to pollinate flowers and create honey. They live in hives, which are a place for storing honey and protection in case of threat. By themselves, they are neutral, but if you attack at least one bee, then a whole swarm will attack in response.

Cell Blocks

Honeycomb blocks are orange blocks with lattice patterns that are decorative in nature. All the functions of this block in Minecraft 1.14.20 have not yet been revealed. Although the new blocks serve as a decorative element, Mojang discusses adding functionality such as honey storage </ strong>.

Honey Blocks

The new blocks were discussed at Minecon 2019 and have been given quite a long time. The fact is that honey blocks in Minecraft PE 1.14.20 represent a number of functions and uses.

Their properties are similar to the slime block. This means that the blocks will work well with the mechanisms and the damage will be minimal when jumping.

Wild Hive

Wild hives are home to bees. The natural regeneration of Minecraft Pocket Edition will spawn them next to a flower meadow. However, each tree has only 5% for the appearance of the hive . Bees store honey in them and take shelter in case of rain.
Tip: Wild hives are recommended to be obtained using scissors or silk-touch weapons. Otherwise, you risk being left without honey and getting a swarm of angry bees in addition.

Homemade Hives

Homemade hives in Minecraft PE 1.14.20 have all the same properties as wild ones. Convenient in that the player does not have to go to the flower meadow to get honey in the wild. It is enough to craft a homemade hive from 3 honeycomb and 6 boards . And then wait for 3 levels and with the help of bubbles, collect honey.

Character Editor

Players are given the opportunity to modify the classic skin in Minecraft 1.14.20 at will. There are only over 100 free options, but the variety of editing allows you to forget about that number.

To change the skin, just select the section. You can change your hairstyle, add a beard, change body size, clothing style and limbs.


The release version is a continuation of Minecraft PE ‘s work on changing the behavior of mobs. The creators strive to pull all mobs to bees and make them smarter.

And also Mojang has fixed several issues that break the gameplay:

  • fixed an issue that prevented players from teleporting and rotating smoothly;
  • hives and nests in Minecraft 1.14.20 have the correct textures when using the / setblock command;
  • honey bottles show the correct tooltip for the item.


  • What is the main task of bees?

    Their main task is to pollinate flowers and create honey.
  • What do honeycomb blocks look like?

    Orange blocks with lattice patterns
  • What feature does the character editor provide?

    Players are given the opportunity to modify the classic skin in Minecraft 1.14 at will.