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Download Morgenstern House Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download the Morgenstern House map for Minecraft PE : start the life of a star in your personal penthouse and have fun to the fullest with your friends.

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Recently, more and more popular personalities find themselves in the world of Minecraft PE. Among them are Marvel and DC heroes, Hollywood actors, musicians and even rappers. Morgenstern became one of them.

It is worth saying that he started his career with the fact that he considered modern rap to suck, and therefore even created a whole pack of videos with the eloquent name “EasyRep”. But over time, he himself became one of those whom he despised all his life.

Fans of the shocking artist decided to fill the gap even in Minecraft PE by creating several cards for Morgenstern’s house, which could become his. The thing is that already at the age of 20, he is a dollar millionaire.


It should be noted right away that the name of this map does not quite accurately reflect the state of affairs.

Morgenstern’s house is only located in the swamp biome, but has first-class equipment and design.

In Minecraft PE, players will be able to use dozens of different mechanisms powered by red dust chains.

Mansion in the mountain

A huge mansion at the foot of a mountain in Minecraft PE, which even goes inside slightly.

The main feature of Morgenstern himself is wealth, and therefore he did not stint for a $ 24 million home .

Inside you will find first-class finishes, many mechanisms and interesting ways to create furniture.

For this reason, even the haters of the performer will be able to use his house to develop the skills of a builder.

By the way, there is no better place to start survival, because there are many mines and resources in the district.

On this map of Morgenstern’s house, you can find individual gardens, a river, a swimming pool, a TV, and even a unique forest.


  • What awaits users on the card to Morgenstern's house?

    In these locations, players will have to explore and survive in mansions for millions of dollars.
  • Is it possible to start survival on such maps?

    Yes, for this you can use items from the house, or create your own.
  • What is the peculiarity of the Morgenstern house on Minecraft PE?

    They are all incredibly expensive and have dozens of mechanisms.