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Download an abandoned city map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.4.0 - 1.20.71

Download a abandoned city map for Minecraft PE : overgrown houses, destroyed structures, an exploded tower.

Abandoned megacities

Many are familiar with films of the post-apocalyptic genre, where the heroes have to survive in a completely new world. And most of them at least once wanted to be in such an atmosphere, walk the abandoned streets .

MCPE players have this option. They can download this map and enjoy this world to the fullest.


A player appears near 2-3 skyscrapers in the water in Minecraft PE. He needs to walk carefully along the edge and reach the land. A picture of an absolutely deserted area will appear in front of him. There will be a lot of dilapidated skyscrapers that can collapse at any moment.

No matter how strange this fact may seem, but in addition to quartz, in skyscrapers you can find a lot of ice .

Residential complexes

Turning to the right from the starting location, you can get into abandoned residential complexes in Minecraft PE.

Families used to live in these houses, but now there is almost nothing left of their trace. You can only find some broken objects and chests in some places.


Naturally, to feed so many people, food was needed. Therefore, going beyond residential complexes, the player can see greenhouses in Minecraft PE. They, like everything in this city, are destroyed. However, in these greenhouses there is still some harvest left.

Protective structures

At one time, this city in Minecraft PE was pretty well defended.


Is the main obstacle for both intrusions and floods . But now it is not at all usable.

TIP: The wall consists of iron blocks that can be useful for surviving in a given city.


Another defensive structure in Minecraft PE, located at the edge of the city. It is not known what was in this tower, as there was practically nothing left of it.

City of the zombie apocalypse

In turn, on this map for Minecraft PE you will see city after the zombie apocalypse . The safe zone of this settlement is the police station, where you can find the initial armor. There is also a power beacon next to this building.

Chests with various resources are scattered throughout the abandoned city. The higher the masonry is, the more valuable the items will be in it.


  • How to install the Abandoned City map in Minecraft PE?

    You just need to click on the file, and the map will automatically start loading.
  • What is this map for?

    It can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can install interesting mods on various mobs and survive in harsh conditions.