Download SCP mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.13.0 - 1.20.81
Author: BendyTheDemon18

Download SCP mod for Minecraft PE and check out anomalous places, creatures and objects!

SCP – What is it?

This abbreviation stands for Secure, Contain, Protect. Translated from English, it means “Secure, Contain, Protect”. In reality, this is a fictional organization. Its activity is in the containment of anomalous creatures, places, phenomena, objects. In general, all these objects are called SCP-objects.


This addon adds both monsters and ordinary people to Minecraft PE. There are a lot of them, so not all of them will be described.


It has a short stature, but at the same time a long body covered with blood. Has a million health points, which makes him almost immortal . One hit from him is enough to deal fatal damage, making it even more difficult to kill.

TIP: It is recommended that you try to attack him with a firearm .


Looks like a kid in Minecraft PE. But his appearance is very deceiving, as he is able to move quickly and deal damage. Crawls out of a pot called SCP-019.

This pot breaks when a button is pressed, or with a diamond pickaxe.


Initially, it is a cute and harmless teddy bear in Minecraft PE. Becomes friends with their own kind. However, you need to follow this process. After accumulating a certain number of friends, SCP-1048 will turn into a huge bear that will not mind killing the player.


They are divided into several classes at once: D-class, researchers, scientists, defenders, rebels . Also, with this SCP add-on, nine-tailed foxes and their commander are added to Minecraft PE.

These creatures can be tamed using gold bars.


In addition to mobs, this modification on the SPC adds 3 blocks to Minecraft PE: regular, sliding and container doors. While the first two open effortlessly, the third requires a special key . It’s also worth noting that furniture is also being added to the game.


Another no less interesting part of this add-on SCS is the buildings. There are 3 of them: the foundation, the soldiers’ camp and the Chaos base.

IMPORTANT! For the SCP addon to work in Minecraft PE, you must enable experimental game mode in the world settings.

SCP Unity

This mod adds to Minecraft PE a lot of SCP Unity edition content . In addition, a huge number of mobs, items and blocks are implemented. For example, SCP-174-U, SCP-066-U, SCP-772-U, and other anomalous entities await you.

Also in the modification of the SPC Unity there is a plate with the inscription wet floor, multi-colored barrels and Lego blocks. Moreover, the add-on developer added various images with company logos .


  • How can you find the Foundation? It rarely spawns naturally. However, you can also spawn this facility with the / function facilityb1 command.

  • How are the rebels different from the nine-tailed foxes?

    The former defend the D-class, but attack scientists and researchers, and the latter - on the contrary.
  • How can this SCP mod be used in Minecraft PE?

    There are many story cards that work with this mod. They are great as maps for passing.