Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download the free version of Minecraft with Xbox Live support and find the place of your death with the help of a restorative compass.

What’s new in Minecraft PE

Mojang studio developers continue to release updates for the cubic world. With the release of Minecraft, new resources and items have been added to everyone’s favorite game. Namely, fragments of disks, a restoring compass, fragments of an echo, and much more. The update turned out to be very interesting and detailed. However, as always.

Disc shards

With the release of Minecraft PE, disc shards appeared in the game. These shards can be found in the dark depths.

They are quite rare, so it will be very difficult to get them. However, if you collect all the parts of the disk, you will get a unique plate. This disc contains a very creepy melody that evokes the atmosphere of gloomy depths.

Recovery compass

One of the main innovations in Minecraft is the restoring compass. It will make life easier for players.

Now when you accidentally die, there is no need to look for the place of your death from memory. Also, you may not remember the exact coordinates, and even more so, do not download various mods. The Restoring Compass will help you find the place of death and pick up all the lost, valuable resources there.

Echo Shards

This is another resource that was added with the release of Minecraft PE Thanks to Echo Shards, players can create such a valuable artifact as a restorative compass.

This compass makes survival much easier. So the fragments of the echo will be extremely necessary for you. You can find them in the biomes of the gloomy depths. But be careful, there are a lot of aggressive mobs in this biome.

Sonic Attack

Now Varden has a new attack in the world of Minecraft Sonic attack allows the mob to attack enemies from a distance. Due to this feature, players can no longer hide from the Varden in the air. Also, trying to run away from the mob will be pointless. After all, the creature can still kill you from a distance.