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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet axolotl, glowing lichen, hardwood, moss, azalea and spore flowers!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The next test version of the Minecraft cave-mountain update has been released. There Mojang continued to work on adding blocks for the lush caves. Added a mob (axolotl) and a new type of stone (deep slate).


In Minecraft PE, the player, having descended into the dungeons, can notice a new mob – the axolotl . Axolotls can be of different colors. To draw their attention to yourself, you need to use a bucket of tropical fish. This mob can help in the fight against drowned people, guards and other evil spirits under water.

Luminous lichen

One of the most important innovations in Minecraft PE is the glowing lichen. The presented block is capable of emitting level 7 light , thereby illuminating dark caves. Lichen breaks with any tool and hand, however, it is extracted only with scissors.

Information: Use bone meal to accelerate the spread of the symbiosis of fungi and algae.


The developers of Mojang Studios brought trees and azalea foliage to Minecraft There are two variations of the new plant – common and flowering . These decorative blocks are currently only available in the Creative inventory.

Important: Azalea can only be planted on ground, turf, podzol, moss, garden bed and clay.

The previously unseen tree Minecraft PE is easily broken by all kinds of tools, bare hand and pistons. There is a chance that a plant may appear on moss when using bone meal .


Spore flower is another ornamental plant in Minecraft It is able to emit beautiful spore particles over long distances . This feature greatly simplifies the search for a flower. Sporeflower blocks can be placed only on the bottom edge of absolutely any blocks.


It is worth noting the appearance in Minecraft PE of a large and small hard leaf. On the first variation of the plant, the player can stand for 1.5 seconds. After that, the sheet will go down and stop holding the user on it.

Then it will return to its original position , which will allow you to step on the hard sheet block again. These plant mechanics are very similar to platforms that are often used in parkour games.


In addition, developers have implemented moss in Minecraft version . It is most quickly obtained with an ax, but it is destroyed by any other tool and even by hand. Bone meal is able to replace nearby blocks of earth, sand, gravel and all types of stone in moss.

Placing this block in the composter has a 65% chance of increasing the level of humus.

Also from moss it is quite easy to get mossy cover in the workbench. This defective Minecraft PE block is pretty much like green sheep wool carpets.