Download dinosaur mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71
Jurassic Craft, PreHistoric

Download dinosaur mods for Minecraft PE and meet huge creatures that can crush everything in their path!

Top Dinosaur Mods for Minecraft PE

As you know, almost all creatures in Minecraft PE are either the size of the player or below him. If you want to watch some large mobs, you won’t be able to do this. Is that going to the land, where everything will be destroyed by the dragon. But these mods will revolutionize the game. They will immediately add several famous dinosaur species to it.

Jurassic Craft PE

A well-known mod for large predators on Minecraft PE. Immediately after installation, the player can notice dinosaurs of different sizes in the game. Each of them will behave uniquely. Some of them are not so hostile and tame, while others are extremely aggressive .

Syringes and genes are added with this modification. However, they do not have any functionality. Perhaps this is for future updates.

Jurassic Craft

Almost the same addition, adding dinosaurs, to Minecraft PE. However, it is for newer versions. Plus, there are significantly more new creatures here.


Differs in its beautiful skin. But you should not get carried away by considering it, as you can be crushed by it. Has 100 units of health. At the same time, cannot be tamed .

FACT: The Indoraptor is a perfect hybrid of two especially dangerous creatures.


One of the largest and most famous dinosaurs , which can now be tamed in Minecraft PE. Do not forget that this predator is tamed only from an early age. If the player meets a large individual, then he urgently needs to run away.


The latest dinosaur addon for Minecraft PE. In terms of the predators themselves, it is not very different from other similar additions. But it is in this modification there are new ores and even remains . The materials themselves, obtained from ores, have no use yet. It is assumed that genes can be obtained from the remains, and then DNA to create dinosaurs, but this is not yet fully functional.

Each predator eats different foods. They can also be tied with a leash.

Dinosaurs Expansion

Dinosaurs Expansion mod for Minecraft PE brings 4 types of dinosaurs to the game. These include Mononicus, Compsognathus, Alvaressaurus, and Microceratus. Mononicus are rather small in size and cute in appearance.

Alvarezsaurs are similar to birds of prey and live in taiga biomes. Microceratus are small herbivorous dinosaurs found in lowlands. In turn, compsognaths are known for the Jurassic World Franchise .


  • How do I install the Prehistoric addon?

    You just need to click on the file. Also, don't forget to enable Experimental Game Mode.
  • What's that folder in the Jurassic Craft Archive?

    This is a special park dedicated to dinosaurs.
  • How to set sounds in Jurassic Craft PE?

    You need to move the entire contents of the archive, in the name of which Sounds, to the path games / com.mojang.