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Download the mod for the twilight forest for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download the dusk forest mod for Minecraft PE: try to stay alive in an extremely dangerous territory with many bosses.

The best twilight forest mods for Minecraft PE

At the time of its release, the Twilight Forest mod for Minecraft PE was one of the most popular additions to the game. This development from enthusiasts is big . For this reason, a huge amount of new content awaits you.

Information: In addition to the dimension itself with various biomes and mobs, the modification introduces items with blocks, as well as new types of weapons.

With so many innovations, Minecraft PE has changed quite significantly. This fact will delight many adventurers in the game.


The main feature of the Twilight Forest mod for Minecraft PE is a variety of powerful bosses . Players will have to confront them quite often. After all, these creatures will be waiting for victims almost everywhere.

Important: There are about fifty dangerous creatures in the game world. These include Naga, Lich King, Hydra, and other bosses.

By the way, each Minecraft PE monster has unique abilities and attacks. Also, for defeating each of them will drop cool weapons and armor .

Previously unseen items were added to the game. For example, an ore magnet has appeared , which attracts blocks of precious resources. Moreover, new food has been implemented, which can be knocked out of all creatures of the Twilight Forest mod.

Information: In addition, deadly mobs inhabit the twilight forest in Minecraft PE. For example, minotaurs and poisonous skeletons.

The presented bosses can be found not only in open space, but also in dungeons. Since the modification adds a huge number of locations , in which you can find chests with expensive resources.

Thus, the process of survival in the world of Minecraft PE has become more interesting and exciting. Players can spend quite a lot of time exploring all the content of the Twilight Forest mod.


  • What does the Twilight Forest mod bring to Minecraft PE?

    The modification adds to the game the dimension of the twilight forest with a huge number of dangerous creatures.
  • What bosses can await players in the twilight forest?

    Users can face Naga, the Lich King, Hydra and other deadly creatures.
  • What previously unseen items await Minecraft PE users?

    Among the new items is the ore magnet, with which you can easily find resources in the caves.