Homeless textures for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.8.0 - 1.20.71

Download a texture for the survival of a homeless person in Russia and feel the brunt of survival in Minecraft PE!

What is the resource pack bum for Minecraft PE about?

After installing the texture of the survival of the homeless in Russia, get ready to experience difficulties in the survival mode, because you will find yourself homeless in Minecraft PE .

The resource pack adds many new items, food, weapons and money that are used by every homeless person.

This is a Russian homelessness simulator that will make you live in unbearable conditions.
Note: This set would be perfect for minecraft serials.


Like any homeless person, the player will have to eat not the best way. These are instant products (Doshirak, Rolton).

There are many alcoholic drinks and bottles in the game that every homeless person can easily find on the street.

Unfortunately, at the moment the texture is limited only by a small amount of variety in food, but let’s hope that the author of this texture will continue to work on it and add a lot of new and interesting things.

Food and drink

  • doshirak (chicken and beef);
  • rollton;
  • wine;
  • vodka (x2);
  • beer;
  • coffee.

Accessories and more

Homeless people live not only on food. They also have their own needs and therefore there is money in the set .

The texture pack contains coins as well as high denomination banknotes.

In order not to let the outcasts of fate get bored, a newspaper was specially added. But what do you think if the homeless person suddenly has an iPhone ?

This will definitely help him to forget about all the problems. The creator also took care of health, adding iodine and a potion to restore life to the game.


  • 2 rubles;
  • 5 rubles;
  • 100 rubles;
  • 200 rubles;
  • 1000 rubles.


  • iphone xr;
  • newspaper.


  • iodine;
  • restorer of life.

The texture really makes you feel like a lonely and abandoned outcast. The most interesting thing is that this texture pack is made in Russia and it is very rare.


  • What versions of Minecraft PE does Bum Texture work on?

    Texture Pack works from Minecraft 1.8.0 to the latest!