Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft PE with a working Xbox Live: explore the territory of the Mangrove Swamps and Ancient Cities, find unique blocks and use them for crafting, and become a spectator of the game!

Minecraft Beta

Mojang Studio has released Minecraft PE Wild Update, which once again took into account all the latest user comments. You can now play without crashes and bugs, using all the unique features.


The most beautiful landscape can be seen in Minecraft on the Mangrove swamps. Trees with long branches will become the basis for crafting many items. It is also the first tree to have a root system and is growable.

In order to plant mangroves, you need to put the sprouts in water.

The developers have added realistic mud to the swamp. The blocks make peculiar sounds when Steve steps on them. After collecting some dirt in Minecraft PE, it can be dried and turned into bricks.


Varden is waiting for users of Minecraft in the dark caves of Deep Darkness. The mob does not have vision, but hears sounds perfectly. The vibrations are also given to him by the rock shrieker, noticing Steve’s presence.

In the Ancient City, there is also a risk of stumbling upon a watchman. The mob behaves aggressively towards any creature. His peculiarity is that he usually sleeps, and wakes up in rare cases to attack mobs.

Interestingly, parrots in MCPE can imitate Varden’s sounds: this can help prevent the watchman from attacking.


Glowing rock blocks in Minecraft PE can be seen from afar, as they are found in dark caves. The peculiarity of acoustic blocks from this family is that they pick up any vibrations emanating from the player.

Even lighting a candle can be enough vibration in the air for the block to recognize the vibration.

Observer Mode

The option offers players Minecraft turn into spectators without feeling the effects. Interaction with mobs is not provided in this mode.

To activate, you will need an experimental menu where the desired button is located.


  • What can mangrove wood be used for in MCPE

    To make a bonfire or for construction.
  • Which mode allows players to watch the gameplay in Minecraft

    Spectator Mode.
  • For what purposes can players use mud blocks?

    For construction.