Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live: rush through the game world on a camel, place books and pens on shelves and learn about the innovations of the spectator mode!

What’s new in Minecraft

Players are given to evaluate the new details of the behavior of mobs and fixed bugs in the version of Minecraft PE The spectator option continues to improve, and the game wardrobe has been replenished with new characters.

Camel improvements

Conquering the expanses of Minecraft riding a camel, players can appreciate the ability of this animal to jump. The animation of the mob has been adjusted based on user comments so that it now matches its speed.

By the way, the authors from Mojang added new shades to the desert creature’s summon egg, and it became easier to identify it in the inventory of the creative mode.

Even two riders at the same time can ride a camel in MCPE.

Shelves for books

Storage of enchanted books is easily organized using carved shelves. When approaching this piece of furniture with a book or pen, if Steve sees an empty space, a prompt will appear to place the items inside.

In Minecraft PE, the prompt for deleting books works the same way.

Players can craft new shelves from different types of wood.

Updated spectator mode

The team of authors has made changes to the game for those who use the observer mode in Minecraft Crafting a Warden with rolling blocks will no longer be possible.

By the way, viewers won’t be able to activate pressure plates and sensors either.


Minecraft PE uses bamboo blocks for construction. There are a number of ways you can combine while crafting items and building structures.

Red sandstone texture changed: the bottom side of the block is now smooth.