Download Star Wars Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.12.0 - 1.20.71

Download the Star Wars mod for Minecraft PE: fights with lightsabers and blasters, robots, Jedi, poetry and much more are already in the game.

Best Star Wars Mods for Minecraft PE

The Star Wars movie series was a breakthrough project in the popular culture of its time. At the same time, the franchise has not lost its popularity to this day. The contribution of the Star Wars universe to the development of special effects cannot be underestimated.

By the way, there are even mods for Minecraft PE based on these films. With their help, everyone can feel like any of the many heroes and villains of the universe.

Moreover, most of these add-ons for Minecraft PE are impressive in their scale. After all, they add a huge amount of creatures, items and weapons .


The StarWars Sequels mod brings not only the famous lightsabers to Minecraft PE, but also many other important items. In addition, the modification introduces an incredible amount of weapons.

Info: In the Star Wars mod for MCPE, fifty-seven types of lightsabers are implemented, the appearance of which is well-developed.

Getting this weapon in Minecraft PE is quite difficult, since you have to go to the End to do this. Only in this dimension can you get Cyber ​​crystals for making swords . It also requires iron and a handle.

In addition to the weapons presented, the Sequels mod brings blasters and many other weapons to Minecraft PE.

Jedi and Sith

In turn, this mod adds Jedi to Minecraft PE, which will help the user in any battles. A huge arsenal of weapons in the form of lightsabers and blasters also appeared.

Important: The types of swords will not differ in their characteristics, but only in their appearance.

At the same time, a lot of mobs have been implemented in the add-on for Minecraft PE. These include Robots, Imperial LEDs, and Sith . The authors have not forgotten about the rebels, so they can be quite easy to find in the game world.

Not without the addition of popular stormtroopers to be wary of.


  • What do Star Wars mods bring to Minecraft PE?

    They add new mobs, weapons, items and more to the game.
  • How can you create a lightsaber?

    To do this, you need to get cyber crystals in the dimension of the End. Also some iron and a hilt.
  • What Star Wars characters can be seen in mods?

    In additions there are Jedi, Sith, Robots, Imperial TIEs and Rebels.