Download Minecraft PE 0.1.2

Version 0.1.2 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download full version of Minecraft 0.1.2 on Android with working Xbox Live and get acquainted with multiplayer mode, new blocks and world generation.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.1.2?

Minecraft 0.1.2 is the next version of the pocket edition of the cube sandbox. In it, the Mojang Studios developers continue to implement previously unseen content . Also, some pretty minor changes are being made.

Important: It was from this version that the game became available on iOS devices. The presented issue is distinguished by exclusive management.

Game Menu

The Minecraft PE 0.1.2 game menu is very primitive and contains only three items . However, this is sufficient for the full functioning of all aspects of the publication.

Players have access to the following list of standard home page keys:

  • multiplayer;
  • single mode;
  • settings.

In addition, in Minecraft 0.1.2 there was a mirrored layout for left-handed controls . Also implemented the ability to view from a third person and turn off the sounds inside the game.


The developers did not forget to add to Minecraft PE 0.1.2 and new building blocks . These include earth, glass, bricks, sandstone and many other elements for the construction of buildings.

Info: Iron ore and cacti can be found in the game files, but they have not been officially released yet.

It is worth noting that absolutely all Minecraft PE 0.1.2 blocks can be installed and destroyed anywhere. There are huge spaces for users to realize their creative potential.

Map Generation

The world of Minecraft PE 0.1.2 randomly generated and has a developer-limited scope. The landscape view of the maps in this version leaves much to be desired, as it has many flaws.

No user can get out of the walls invisible to the eye, which is a critical disadvantage for many.

However, this generation feature can be justified by the initial stage of development for Minecraft PE 0.1.2 . With each update, the maps will gradually improve.


  • How does terrain generation work in Minecraft PE 0.1.2?

    Terrain generation creates a limited area world
  • How many blocks are currently available in the game?

    In Minecraft PE 0.1.2 we were able to implement about 36 blocks.
  • Is it possible to play with other players?

    Minecraft PE 0.1.2 can be played not only alone, but also with friends.