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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet a new underground world!
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Minecraft – What’s interesting?

The main focus of the add-on is updating the old elements of the game, adding new mechanics and items, changing the structure of the world and caves.

Thus, in Minecraft PE, players can observe an improvement in the generation of objects when entering the map, in particular underground rooms.

The developers also fixed several major bugs that interfered with the multiplayer game. There is no longer a need to update the Store data; from now on, all purchased items are displayed and saved correctly.

In addition, work has been done to stabilize the gameplay and improve performance.

Amethyst and Geodes

Amethyst is found in deep caves of Minecraft version It is worth noting that the block can be generated as an independent object, or it can be in the center of a huge structure called “geodes”.

There are several variations of the block that Steve can find. Most often, special crystals come across the eye, filling most of the rooms and spaces.

It is better not to interact with the block in any way, since its fragile structure is incredibly crumbly. If you want to get amethyst, then nothing will come of it. The item will just break.

Using other mechanisms will also cause damage and breakage.


A useful item with which players can survey the terrain in Minecraft PE The spyglass works in exactly the same way as the outfit of a carved pumpkin.

If you use the pipe, then Steve will be able to see the distance for the next 30 blocks . This feature allows you to explore the surroundings, practically without moving around them.

Drops of Melting Ore

Another innovation in Minecraft is a modified ore mining system. This feature concerns only those materials that can be melted: gold, iron, copper.

That is, during the extraction of a block, not its full-fledged version will fall out, but small fragments. To get an item in your inventory, the dropped “drops” must be melted in the furnace.


Tuff is generated in most biomes of Minecraft PE You can get a block with only one tool with a pickaxe, and the use of other objects will only break the material.

At the moment tuff has only one value – decoration.

Beta changes

Axolotls are again making sounds that have been lost. Also, they will swim more often compared to previous versions of Minecraft PE

Users will now be able to use loose snow directly from the creative. Most mobs will fall into this block and freeze gradually.

The glowing lichen texture now looks more like the surrounding blocks. Also, the lichen has become much closer to the surface of the rock in Minecraft


  • What's new added to Minecraft PE

    Amethyst block, tuff, telescope crafting recipe. We also changed the process of mining some ores.
  • In what places in Minecraft is there a fragile block of amethyst?

    Amethyst is generated in the bowels of amethyst geodes, the block can also be seen in some crystal caves.
  • When can we expect a full release of the Caves & Cliffs update?

    The official release of the "Mountains and Caves" update is scheduled for mid-summer 2021.