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Download a map for City with cars on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download a City map with cars for Minecraft PE : explore huge megalopolises and multilevel roads with vehicles with your friends.

The best city maps with cars for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is improving more and more every day. An increase in the number of different cards can be called a direct confirmation of this.

All this leads to the emergence of new styles of creating the world: high-tech, medieval, future and many others.

Nevertheless, such maps for monstrous cities lack a certain atmosphere of their own. After all, they are often just a desert stone jungle.

Some mapmakers decided to fix this situation. For this, locations were created for the city with cars. This way you can easily animate any card.


Tazader City is a medium-sized town in Minecraft PE . Many amazing buildings can be found on the map.

Almost all buildings, from a huge hockey arena with netted gates made of spider webs to standard office buildings with designer interiors, have their own style.

The author focuses on the elaboration of the city, which was very difficult to achieve in Minecraft PE 2015. Nevertheless, this did not stop me from adding hundreds of details and even a bit of realism.

Here you will find the commercial part of the city, connected by a bridge with the industrial zone, and city streets with working traffic lights, and even a small fleet of cars .

You can add your own mods for vehicles to the city map with cars.

The player under the nickname Autotaker tried to achieve maximum realism. To do this, he added completely different styles of houses, unique buildings and much more. After all, Tazader City in Minecraft PE even has its own port with cargo ships.


  • What awaits users on the city map with cars?

    At these locations, players will have to explore a huge metropolis with their friends.
  • What is the best way to start survival on such maps?

    First, it is recommended to carefully study the location to find the best place.
  • What areas are there in the city on Minecraft PE?

    The map provides players with residential, commercial and industrial zones.