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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

Finally, the Mojang devs have released the next part of the hellish update . Now in the nether world, besides the piglins and hoglins, there are two more new mobs. Along with this, new blocks and even biomes have appeared in Minecraft .


A total of 2 of them appeared in Minecraft PE

Title Description
Strider A player-neutral creature. Appears mainly near lava lakes. It can be controlled with a twisted mushroom stick. Striders are very afraid of water and rain as they take damage from them. They can also be bred with twisted mushrooms. They are immune to lava.
Zoglin Appears when an ordinary hoglin enters the world familiar to the player in Minecraft At the same time, it can neither be grown with mushrooms, nor scared.


Another equally interesting point of Minecraft PE is biomes. They, like mobs, appeared 2.

Remains of the bastion

Large structures that look like castles. They appear in almost all biomes of the Nether world in Minecraft Here you can find both hoglins and piglins are common . It is also worth mentioning that the remains of the bastion can be formed in the form of 4 structures , each of which is completely different. It can be both bridges and a treasure room.

FACT: Only in this biome can you naturally find a music disc Pigstep and a picture with the inscription Piglin .

Basalt deltas

This location, unlike the previous one, has no obvious advantages in Minecraft PE However, in Basalt Deltas, is very atmospheric thanks to the ash fog effects. It is also worth noting that it is mainly inhabited by lava cubes and striders.

Destroyed portals can now also be found. They appear both in the normal world and in the lower one.


With the release of Minecraft, several new blocks were added to the game at once. Among them are black stones, bricks and even a magnet .

Anchor of Rebirth

But the revival anchor deserves special attention. In Minecraft PE, the player has the ability to respawn upon death right in the lower world. The anchor is a kind of analogy of a bed in the ordinary world . But it needs to be charged, as it loses its charges with each revival.

It is not recommended to set the respawn anchor in other biomes, as it will explode, like the bed in the nether.


  • How can I charge the Respawn Anchor in Minecraft Bedrock

    With a glowing stone.
  • ​​What is a magnet for?

    It can be used to make a compass-magnet, which, in turn, will indicate the location of the charged magnet.
  • How can you build a magnet?

    To craft in Minecraft, 1 netherite ingot and 8 chiseled stone bricks are required.