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Download mods for Lucky Blocks for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.71

Download Lucky Blocks Mods for Minecraft PE and really try your own luck!

Lucky Blocks – What is it?

Many players who survive in Minecraft PE for a long time are familiar with the situation when they want something new. Since there are no unexpected events in the game, interest dies down over time. And here mods on Lucky Blocks come to the rescue. These are blocks, breaking which, you can get anything: structures, things, hostile mobs and even death .


Quite an interesting modification that works on almost all versions of Minecraft PE. Eggs are replaced with magic balls . If thrown on the ground, big angry pigs will appear and start fighting among themselves. After the death of each such pig, magic balls and various objects fall out.

Although these are not blocks, the very concept of lacquer blocks is well implemented in this mod.

Looking for your luck

Quite an unusual addition that adds Lucky Blocks to Minecraft PE. Its whole point is that here the player cannot create these blocks in any way. They are randomly generated around the world at a height of 0 to 32 blocks. But do not spend a lot of time searching, as the chance of spawning is extremely low.


A multifunctional mod that adds 3 new varnish blocks to Minecraft PE. The luckiest of all the lacquer blocks is green, as it always has positive outcomes. Red, in turn, is the exact opposite – only unsuccessful outcomes. There is also the most common one – yellow .

Unusual blocks

But this is not all the possibilities of this modification. It adds 3 more new block varnishes to Minecraft PE. Having broken the block with the house image, you can get a random generation , and from the varnish of the block with the creeper’s head – a random mob. And finally, orange, which drops various items.

Most importantly, Lucky Blocks can be crafted in survival mode.

Blocks of Fortune

The presented mod for lucky blocks differs from others in its scale. The add-on brings to Minecraft PE not only 3 blocks of fortune, but also armor, 3 swords, an ax, a pickaxe, food, potion and decor . All of these resources can be created in survival mode.

To craft one regular block varnish, you will need 4 gold bars and a dispenser . It can then be upgraded to Diamond and Astral varieties.


  • Can angry pigs attack the player?

    Yes, so you have to be careful.
  • How to find recipes for crafting lucky blocks?

    The video shows everything in detail.
  • Is it possible to somehow speed up the process of finding the varnish block in the second mode?

    Alas, no. You just need to add this mod when creating a map and, perhaps, someday you will accidentally meet it.