Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Wild Update

Download Minecraft for Android free with a working Xbox Live and protect villagers from raids or buy enchanted books from a librarian.

Minecraft Wild Update

In the course of their work, developers often disable some functions. This helps to make the result as productive as possible. It is for this purpose that the behavior mechanics for blocks such as Mud and Sand, which temporarily sink, have been changed.

And for Dirt Path and Farmland, collision changes have been canceled. Also, the connection of the background of the element text with an already existing slider has been suspended indefinitely.

A very important point is that Minecraft PE prevented a situation in which the terrain on the Maps could be replaced by black pixels.


Players can interact with various creatures in the cube world, including villagers. During the raids, the heroes can defend the settlement and get a special title for it.

It will allow you to get a discount when exchanging with merchants. In Minecraft, librarians can offer enchanted books.  And also the developers managed to fix an error that prevented scrolling the trading list.

Other changes

During the game, one way or another, various failures occur periodically, most of which are successfully eliminated by the developers. But even after updates, various problems may arise.

For example, players faced a situation when they found themselves under an obsidian platform. This happened immediately after the first entrance to the Edge Portal. Fortunately, in Minecraft PE, this error has been eliminated and will not bother users.

Also, a new switch has become available for players in the Settings section. With its help, you can turn on touch control systems or restore the original circuit. All these functions are designed to make the gameplay even more interesting, and the functionality more convenient.


  • How to use mud bricks?

    In construction.
  • What books can librarians offer players?

    Enchanted books.
  • What changes have occurred with Sand and Mud blocks?

    They will sink.