Download Minecraft PE 1.12.0

Version 1.12.0 for Android
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Download the full version of Minecraft 1.12.0 on Android with a working Xbox Live and create your own add-ons!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.12.0?

The developers from Mojang decided in Minecraft version 1.12.0 to pay almost all attention to to the authors of various modifications and maps .

They have greatly expanded their capabilities by updating the Script API .

Command Blocks

This innovation concerns the builders of maps in Minecraft PE 1.12.0. They quite often use command blocks and sometimes it becomes necessary to delay execution of certain commands . To do this, you have to resort to numerous repeaters.

From now on, it is enough to just enter the required value . Thanks to this innovation, map authors can fine-tune their mechanisms.

The value is measured in ticks. There are 20 bars in one second.


Every player in Minecraft PE 1.12.0 is familiar with the situation when, after healing a zombie resident, he lost his profession .

The developers noticed this defect and promptly fixed it. Also, villagers no longer run away when trading with a player when the raid bell rings.


Users who have been playing MCPE since the first versions definitely remember such an item as camera . It was a rather unusual object that turned towards the player.

However, the camera soon disappeared from the game. With the release of Minecraft 1.12.0, this item reappeared, but does not yet have functionality.

To get the camera, use the / give @s camera command.

Spawn radius

Another interesting innovation for map authors in Minecraft PE 1.12.0. Now they have the ability to set player spawn radius .

This means that after death, players will only appear in a certain location.

Other minor fixes in MCPE 1.12.0

Of course, in Minecraft 1.12.0, they did not forget about the errors:

  • the game does not crash when using a trident with a loyalty enchant;
  • shields and tridents do not disappear when held;
  • mobs don’t get stuck when finding their way on stairs;
  • cats’ heads are displayed correctly when they sleep.


  • Why are there no new mobs or blocks?

    Minecraft version 1.12.0 is mostly aimed at empowering mod and map authors.
  • Where should I write the command execution delay?

    A new field has appeared in the command block, where you need to enter the delay.
  • How to set the spawn radius?

    With the command / gamerule spawnradius.