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Version MCPE for Android
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Download free version of Minecraft with working Xbox Live and new Render Dragon graphics engine : mine raw ore, create a festive atmosphere and much more!

Minecraft Render Dragon

After updating the caves, the developers of Mojang Studios decided to start changing the ordinary world. In Minecraft PE, geodes with amethysts have appeared, which are useful for decorating a house or in crafting. In addition, we added the Render Dragon graphics engine and changed the generation of various biomes, and also “deepened” the world to a height of Y = -64.

Raw Ore

The creators of Minecraft, together with the global update, decided to change the ores. Now, if the user breaks any accumulation of metals, then he will drop unprocessed ore. It can also be smelted into ingots using a furnace.

This innovation is made in order to save space in your inventory, because in the MCPE 1.18 update there will be deep ores that could not stack with the usual ones.

Now, from both blocks, it is the raw ore that falls out, which can be combined. In addition, the “Luck” enchantment now works on raw metal. This means that the player can get multiple raw ores from one block!


The next cool thing added with Minecraft PE is the Spyglass ! This item will greatly help players who want to see an object at a distance. The pipe brings the camera closer to a distance of up to 100 blocks!

The spyglass has unique sounds and animations when used.

The new item can slow down the movement of the user if he activates it. The spyglass is made of copper and amethyst shards, which were also added in this update.

Violet Geode

Minecraft developers added amethyst geodes along with the new update . They appear underground with a very rare chance. They are a sphere consisting of three decoration blocks. Inside the geode, the user can find amethysts that can be mined and used in crafting.

Amethyst geodes can also appear on the ocean floor or in canyons!

The blocks inside the sphere can be used as a musical instrument. And all because if the player walks on them, then a very beautiful melody will play in the world.


The latest innovation in Minecraft PE is candles. They are made from honeycomb and thread. Each candle has a luminosity equal to three. They can be placed up to four per block, thereby making a large illuminated area.

You can even put a candle on the cake!

The new item is presented not in one, but in 16 variants. For painting, you must have a dye and any candle with you. The item can be used to create a setting on any map!

Changes in Minecraft

  1. New Render Dragon graphics engine for phones;
  2. now in Minecraft a layer of snow falls realistically when any block underneath breaks;
  3. fixed a bug where the hell star did not fall from the wieser.