Download Smeshariki map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71
Author: jekadanilov011510

Download the Smeshariki map for Minecraft PE and move into a world full of many such familiar buildings and locations.

What is the Smeshariki card about?

For quite a long time, the popular animated series “Smeshariki” has been running on all TV screens, tablets and monitors. During its existence, it has already managed to become a cult , spawning many games, comics and more. Minecraft Pocket Edition was among such “victims”.

This series is so popular in the CIS that it was even translated into several other languages, in which I also found a search.

Country of Smeshariki

The spawn is located in a small room, where you can find several signs with instructions from the author . After that, you can already go out into the light, where the first thing you will stumble upon is the beach. Here lives one of the smartest characters of the cartoon – the German penguin Pin.


It is worth mentioning that next to his house there is a huge “garage” workshop , which was also skillfully repeated by the author.

The author decided to build a full-fledged boat track next to Pin’s house in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here you can compete and win many emeralds and diamonds.

Other buildings

We’ll leave the rest for independent study, however, it is worth noting that on this map on Minecraft PE, you can find absolutely all houses that were in general in the original.

The map also includes full roller coaster rails. They will allow you to explore the entire area from the best possible angles.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that you can settle in this valley. Or you can occupy the territory nearby.

FACT: In Minecraft PE at the Smeshariki level, you can find quite a few Easter eggs from the author.


  • What can you do on the beach in Minecraft PE?

    Using the Smeshariki map, you can arrange boat races, the prizes in which will be a stack of diamonds and blocks of emeralds.
  • Are all the houses carried over from the original animated series?

    Yes, the author tried to make sure that the players got the most complete map of the Smeshariki world as possible.