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Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft for android with working Xbox Live: new effects, change in ore generation, rolling blocks and much more!

What’s interesting added to Minecraft

The developers set out to change the dimension of the ordinary world in Minecraft

So, ore generation has changed a lot – now rarer ores spawn at the shale level.

In addition, new rolling blocks have appeared in the cube world, with which you can build excellent mechanisms.


The new Minecraft PE update brought a new negative effect called “Darkness” to the game.

It can only be issued by a rolling screamer, but in the future, most likely, special potions will appear.

The effect makes the screen very dark, making it almost impossible to see anything!

At caves below zero, darkness can become the player’s main enemy, especially when fighting the Overseer.

Wild Update Mode

Together with the new effect, the developers of Mojang Studios have added a wild update mode to Minecraft

This includes all Wild Update changes.

Unfortunately, at the moment the list consists only of rolling blocks.

However, in future versions, there will be more and more blocks and items!


In addition to all of the above, new rolling blocks have appeared in Minecraft PE .

A total of five new blocks have appeared, of which three are functional and the rest are decorative.

The catalyst can take and store experience from killed mobs in a small radius around it.

Screamer in Minecraft is able to impose the effect of darkness on the offender , as well as summon the Overseer in the future.

The sensor is capable of capturing and transmitting sound signals to the screamer, which can be activated from afar.

All these blocks will help the user build great traps against other players or mobs!

Other changes in MCPE

  1. Worlds with bedrock layers between Y = 1 and Y = 4 inclusive now correctly and consistently replace it with deep shale.
  2. Minecraft is now testing Render Dragon on all Android devices.
  3. Removed horizontal lines in textures on top of wooden and iron doors.