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Version 0.15.2 for Андроид
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Download Minecraft 0.15.2 for android : play with the mechanics of riding animals, pistons, observer, generation of new villages, achievements and new items.

Changes in Minecraft update 0.15.2

The Mojang development team did not keep waiting long for the next update Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.2. This time, the developers were able to add even more different content to the game, which more and more brings the whole game closer to release .

FACT: This update of the game is the first update of the Pocket Edition called Friendly Update.

Animal riding

So, it happened, the developers added horses, and with them the long-awaited mechanics of riding them. In total, the player has five types of mobs available, on which he can ride after the Minecraft PE 0.15.2 update:

  • horse;
  • donkey;
  • mule;
  • pig;
  • skeleton horse.

The skeleton horse, like the zombie horse, spawns only during Halloween, or through the use of spawn eggs.

In order to saddle a horse, you will need a saddle and some apples , but for a pig only a saddle and a fishing rod with carrots.


Well, and probably the most long-awaited thing that ever happened in the Pocket Edition after the introduction of red dust. After all, it is the pistons in Minecraft 0.15.2 that are the engine of progress . With their help, both trampolines and the most complex mechanisms are made.

One enthusiast has thus managed to create a whole house that is hiding under the ground in just one click of a button.


And here is new types of arrows with effects appeared in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.2. By the way, in the PC version they appeared only on version 1.9.

In order to get such an arrow, you need to use the cauldron , which will be filled with the potion you need.


Also in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.2, in addition to horses of all types, two new mobs were added, which can become dangerous opponents for players.

Title Description Habitat Chance to spawn,%
Discard A roaming zombie that can safely walk in the sun , but cannot attack doors or ambush. Desert Savanna 80
Zimogor A skeleton in rags that is dangerous to the player by using arrows slowing down the player . Tundra, winter tundra 80


  • How do I get enchanted arrows?

    In order to get such an arrow, you need to use the cauldron, which will be filled with the potion you need.
  • How to ride a pig in Minecraft PE 0.15.2?

    You will need a saddle and a fishing rod with carrots. After that, hover the saddle over the pig, click on the button and you can start driving by first selecting the slot with the fishing rod.
  • What is the other name for the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.2 update branch?

    Another name for the entire branch is Friendly Update.