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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download Minecraft on android with working Xbox Live: new frog sounds, bug fixes, rock blocks and more!

What’s new in Minecraft

In the new Minecraft update, the developers decided to add frogs.

Rock blocks have also appeared that can harm players and monsters.

In addition, Mojang Studios has added a new darkness effect as well as updated cave generation.


The Minecraft PE update brought a new dark effect to the game.

It makes the player’s screen very dark, making it almost impossible to see anything.

Darkness is cast on the user if the rock shrieker is disturbed.

Just like other effects, it can be removed with a bucket of milk.

Rock blocks

In the new Minecraft update, the developers decided to add rolling blocks.

They can be found at sub-zero depths or in the creative inventory.

A rock catalyst can be a store of experience, because it absorbs experience from killed mobs nearby!

The shrieker can apply a dark effect if someone steps on it.

The rolling sensor can hear any noise and transmit it to the screamer, which is activated from afar.

With the help of these blocks, you can build an excellent trap for the players, the main thing is not to fall into it yourself!

Updated caves

Also in the Minecraft PE update, the generation of caves was changed.

Now, they can stretch up to Y=-64 height.

In addition, the caves themselves have become more voluminous and non-linear.

Ore generation has also been changed, now more precious resources spawn much lower.

In addition, emerald ore can now spawn in multiples in one location!

Additional changes in MCPE

  1. Frogs in Minecraft have new sounds and they are not eaten by goats.
  2. Disturbed frog’s movement speed is now correct.
  3. Added a new “/damage” command that allows players to deal certain damage to entities.