Download maps for a room on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.16.0 - 1.20.71

Download maps for a hide and seek room for Minecraft PE and have fun with your friends!

Top cards per room

As you know, there are quite a few mini-games in Minecraft PE. One of these types of entertainment is hide and seek. This mini-game is very popular with players.

There are several locations for hide and seek and the room is one of the most famous.


This card represents an apartment with 3 rooms . When you first enter the map, the player will appear in the lobby, where he will have to choose a role in Minecraft PE. If he chose the role of the one who is hiding, then he needs to go downstairs and go to the rooms.

And the seeker, in turn, must jump into the web.


The first room a Minecraft PE user will enter. This is mostly empty. There is a a table with an aquarium and a wardrobe with various things . By the way, the aquarium has a very interesting and inconspicuous place to hide.

There are several flower pots on the windowsill. You can also take cover in one of them.


From the main room there is a door to the kitchen. Here is a refrigerator and a table with food in Minecraft PE. It is worth noting that there is enough space in the refrigerator itself to hide.


And finally, the last room, which can be accessed from the kitchen. Here, a Minecraft PE user can hide in a washing machine or sink .

FACT: The author of the map is youtuber StevePro.

Large room

A huge room in Minecraft PE. There is a bed here, and next to it is a table with gaming computers . There is also a bedside table in the room. And the last location on this map is a closet, in which there are two shirts of blue and red colors.

Most of the secret places are located in the desk with the computer.

Utility room

A map for a room for Minecraft PE is a a huge utility room . It’s pretty easy to get lost in its endless corridors with flickering light.

Important: The backroom moves contain many mysteries that you have to solve.

Despite the very poor lighting of the area, monsters will not interfere with players during hide and seek. This is because peaceful is set.


  • Does the apartment map contain any potions or items for the players?

    Yes, there are items for the seeker in the chests, and next to them are jump and speed potions.
  • How to install the apartment map?

    It is necessary to move the contents of the archive to the path games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds.
  • Do these maps have teleports?

    No. It is necessary to move here on foot.