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Download Avatar mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.13.0 - 1.20.71

Download Avatar mod for Minecraft PE : become a real master of all the existing elements of the universe.

Best Avatar mods for Minecraft PE

Over the years, the cartoon about Avatar has gained immense popularity around the world. Therefore, the appearance of the mod for the series for Minecraft PE is not at all surprising. The add-on implements characters and their magical abilities , and also adds many artifacts.

This modification will definitely delight loyal fans of Avatar Aang and the universe in which he lives. After all, she adds to the cube sandbox a lot of new content on the universe of the masters of the four elements.

The Legend of Aang

Mod Avatar: The Last Airbender brings a great variety of cartoon content to the world of Minecraft PE . First of all, it is worth discussing the appearance of the heroes of the series, to which the bison Appu can be attributed. This huge creature can be saddled and ridden on horseback.

Info: Bison Appa is able to fly in the air, which makes it a very convenient vehicle.

Also in fashion for Avatar, the flying monkey Momo was implemented. This cute character will brighten up your everyday survival. Moreover, the addon adds various armor , among which the fire armor stands out. It can only be obtained by the player using the / function armor command, which will require the inclusion of cheats in the world.

It is also worth noting brand new animations for Avatar mod players . For example, the very fast running of Avatar Aang, which leaves a trail of blue fire behind it. These abilities greatly expand the survival potential of users.

Studying all the possibilities of the presented modification will be interesting not only for Avatar fans, but also for ordinary players. After all, an add-on can captivate anyone with its high-quality content.


  • What cartoon characters about Avatar does the mod add?

    The add-on brings the bison Appa, the monkey Momo and many other heroes to the game.
  • What is the bison Appa capable of?

    Appa can fly in the air.
  • How can you get fire armor?

    To do this, you need to write the command / function armor.