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Minecraft Bedrock 1.11.3 Village and Pillage: What’s New?

The name of the new version of Minecraft PE 1.11.3 Village and Pillage speaks for itself. In this thread, , the main focus was on improving villages . The changes also affected many mobs and blocks.


Speaking of Minecraft 1.11.3, this innovation cannot be ignored. It adds robber attacks to the game. In MCPE 1.11.3, robbers are trying to break all beds and kill all residents . If this happens, the player will lose this battle.

TIP: To avoid the onset of plaque, get rid of the Badge of Trouble effect. This can be done with milk.


In Minecraft PE 1.11.3, many blocks in experimental mode have officially appeared in the game.


Serves for cutting stones. Sometimes it is impossible to get some blocks in the workbench. In this case, in Minecraft PE 1.11.3 stone cutter is a universal solution . If you put a stone in it, then a list of blocks that can be obtained will appear on the left.

Cartographer’s desk

There is a cartographer’s table for lamination and expansion of maps in Minecraft 1.11.3 . It appears in the village houses of cartographers. To expand, put the used card on the table along with a blank sheet of paper. And for lamination – together with glass.

Using this block, you can also copy maps. To do this, you need to put the main card next to the blank one.


Got economic reserves in Minecraft PE 1.11.3. With each trade, the villager will gain experience. Upon reaching a certain experience, his level will increase. This will allow to purchase more valuable items . Sometimes even together with enchantment.

Changes regarding mobs in MCPE 1.11.3

The developers from Mojang have made a few more small changes:

  • robbers do not kill children in villages;
  • golems in Minecraft 1.11.3 appear in every village, as well as behind bars in outposts;
  • cats appear on every bed in villages;
  • residents flee to their homes at the ringing of bells;
  • champions can knock down doors.


  • How to repel a raid of robbers in MCPE 1.11.3?

    You need to wait a certain number of waves depending on the difficulty of the game.
  • How to fry food if I don't have a stove?

    Starting with version 1.11.3, you can now fry food on a fire.
  • What drops from robbers in Minecraft PE 1.11.3?

    A wide range of precious items. Starting from emeralds and enchantment books and ending with the totem of immortality.