Download Minecraft PE 1.2.2

Version 1.2.2 for Android
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Free download the full version of Minecraft 1.2.2 for Android with working Xbox Live : armor rack, flags, recipe book and much more!

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2.2 Better Together Update

With the release of the Better Together Update, the game has many different features . Players can customize the intricacies of the Minecraft PE 1.2.2 game world, starting from the cycle of day and night. They can also listen to music in the game, tame a new creature like a parrot, and make notes in a book.


Minecraft PE 1.2.2 has a new location – the canyon . This is a huge rift in the ground, leading to the depths. Most often, lava with water is found at the very bottom, less often abandoned mines.

This location can be very useful in the initial stages of survival.


In addition to the canyon, new blocks have also appeared in Minecraft PE 1.2.2. Among them are multicolored flags and glasses , a turntable and rocky ground.

Worth noting is the fact that exclusive to Windows 10 edition has been added a building block that was previously available to developers.

In addition to the innovations, there were also changes regarding other items and blocks. For example, the enchanted golden apple can no longer be crafted.


With the release of Minecraft 1.2.2, a new creature has appeared in the game, and some of the others have received some changes.


A small creature with an interesting coloring in Minecraft PE 1.2.2. Lives in the jungle and is neutral towards the player.

Makes various sounds, is very fond of all types of seeds. After taming, follows the player and sits on his shoulder if he is standing nearby for a long time. The parrot is the first bird in the game that can fully fly.


In addition to the new mob in Minecraft 1.2.2, the developers from Mojang have made some changes to the behavior of others.

For example, witches while on magma blocks inflict fire resistance on themselves. And mushroom cows, in turn, now spawn only on mycelium blocks in the corresponding biome.


  • How can I get a book with a feather in Minecraft PE 1.2.2?

    From a regular book, pen and ink bag.
  • Where do the canyons appear in MCPE 1.2.2?

    They are generated in almost any biome, but quite rarely.
  • What happens if you move too far from a tamed parrot?

    He, like the wolf, simply teleports to the player.