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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Caves update & Cliffs Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and meet axolotls, glowing lichen, deep ores and shale!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

The Mojang Studios team has released a new beta version of Minecraft In it, the developers added axolotl, glowing lichen, blocks of deep ores and shale. They also improved the content of past test editions, and fixed many bugs.


One of the most significant innovations in Minecraft PE is the emergence of a new pet, which is the axolotl. While a friendly mob does not spawn in the game world , it will soon be added to the underground pools of lush caves. The creature has as many as five types of body color, namely: blue, yellow, pink, brown and blue.

Information: The most rare is the blue axolotl, since the probability of this species appearing is about 0.083%.

New water mobs Minecraft reproduce by tropical fish. Then with the help of leashes you can collect a whole army of cute pets . Axolotls will protect the player from drowned people, ordinary and ancient guards. In addition, when taking damage from hostile mobs, they are able to pretend to be dead.

Deep Ore

The developers have brought deep ores to the generation of caves in Minecraft PE, which differ from the usual texture. A previously unseen type of ore is found only in a layer of deep shale. It also takes twice as long to get it.


Also, at the lower level of Minecraft caves, slate is now found. It is a dark version of the stone that is generated below the Y = 16 coordinate . Differs in increased strength, but it still breaks with any pickaxe.

Important: There are as many as nineteen varieties of deep slate textures in the game.

In the process of mining the dark stone Minecraft PE, crushed shale falls out. Various types of building blocks, steps, slabs and walls can be crafted with this resource.

Luminous lichen

In Minecraft, another source of low light has appeared – a glowing lichen. This defective block is generated on the surface of the ground, drip and all types of stone . He is capable of emitting light with the power of the seventh level.

Using bone meal will help spread the union of fungi and algae to nearby blocks.

Glowing lichen Minecraft PE is the fastest to break with an ax, but can only be obtained with scissors . It is worth noting that the Efficiency and Silk Touch enchantments do not work on the symbiotic organism.