Download Meteorites mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.10.0 - 1.20.71

Download the Meteorite mod for Minecraft PE : get a unique opportunity to summon meteorites of any size right on the heads of unlucky players.

The best Meteorite mods for Minecraft PE

There are many types of entertainment in Minecraft PE. Among them are mini games, survival, and cooperative play with friends.
The modders decided to improve the gameplay during the co-op Minecraft PE. Thus, meteorite mods appeared.


5 new items have been added by the development team. Each of them allows you to call a small cosmic body from the sky, which will destroy part of the surface at great speed.

Be careful when using the meteorite mod, as there is a possibility of getting caught.

The addon adds an ordinary meteorite to Minecraft PE, as well as fire, ice, strange and watermelon.


A fairly large mod for meteorites, created back in 2015. It can be used to survive in Minecraft PE in the setting of the apocalypse.

Using the / met start command, you can start the beginning of Doomsday by summoning a real rockfall from meteorites.

10 types of meteorites were added to Minecraft PE mod. Each of them has its own characteristics and enormous destructive power.

Important : The author has a built-in ability to track meteors falling near you using the / met broadcast command.


OciNNico’s meteorite addon was released in 2020. Its main feature is that it was created on the new Minecraft PE engine. So it won’t start on older versions with BlockLauncher.

Also, players now have the ability to use spawn eggs from the meteorite mod to create a huge explosion.

If you want to automate the summoning of space bodies , you can use the command / summon meteor: meteor.


  • What are meteorites for in Minecraft PE?

    They are necessary for a fun time alone or with friends.
  • How can you summon meteorites in your survival?

    This requires the use of a special item or command.
  • What resources are needed to create a meteorite?

    Meteorites in Minecraft PE cannot be crafted, but only summoned.