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Version MCPE for Android
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Download the full version of the Hellish Minecraft update for Android with a working Xbox Live and meet the mountain goats!
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Minecraft PE – What’s New?

With the release of Minecraft PE, the developers have implemented some of the ideas from the Mining Update. Thus, mountain goats, loose snow and more appeared in the game.

However, all this is available only within the experimental mode, which must be activated in the world settings.

Mountain Goats

New mob in Minecraft, which lives exclusively in mountain biomes. Here mountain goats feel calm, because this place is completely theirs.

These creatures can jump very high, due to which they climb to any heights . Mountain goats are not very fond of guests, so the user should be careful.

They can butt at any moment and thereby throw it back a few blocks. And given that all this takes place in the mountains, the player can fall from a great height and die immediately. Despite their aggressiveness, mountain goats lend themselves to domestication. Also, with the help of a bucket, you can get milk from them.

If desired, the user can bind this mob and drag it along with a leash.

Goat’s horn

With the advent of mountain goats in Minecraft PE, goat horn appeared. It drops out when this mob collides with any solid object. After that, it is enough to pick up the goat’s horn.

This item does not have much functionality. With its help, you can only make a sound that is played when the robbers raid the village.

Loose snow

In Minecraft, the user needs to be more careful in snow biomes. After all, now here you can stumble upon loose snow . In its texture, it does not differ much from ordinary snow. But at the same time, you can fall into loose snow.

And this can be a big hindrance, especially in cases where the player was running away from hostile creatures. Also, during a fall, the user’s movement is greatly slowed down. This makes it difficult to get out of this trap.

Audio settings

Now in Minecraft PE you can customize the sound in detail. Previously, this feature was only available to users of the Java Edition. To open the settings, you need to go to the Sound menu in the game settings. There are a total of ten different options .


  • How to activate experimental game mode in Minecraft PE

    Caves & Cliffs must be enabled.
  • How to tame mountain goats?

    With wheat.
  • Can you avoid falling into loose snow?

    Yes, you need to wear leather boots.