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Download WW2 Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download the WW2 Minecraft PE weapon mod : get a unique opportunity to destroy the German invaders and use dozens of types of weapons, from machine guns to anti-aircraft guns!

Best WW2 Weapon Mods for Minecraft PE

In the latest updates to Minecraft PE, more and more types of weapons appear. Among them are bows, swords, and dynamite. However, all this is not enough for players to have something to roam around with as destruction.

The developers of mods for weapons of World War 2 decided to correct the situation, and therefore added several new types of weapons to the game. These are both ordinary machines and real artillery.


Global mod for WW2 weapons, which is based on the famous Call of Duty video game series. Now even Minecraft PE players can try themselves as a fighter with an organized enemy.

The author, which is MyNameIsAnti, added various types of weapons to the game: machine guns, rifles, explosives, grenades, rocket launchers.

Interesting fact : The developer of the WW2 weapon mod has also improved the user interface by adding new elements.

Day D

Great mod for weapons of World War 2, which will allow players to plunge into the history of the landing in Normandy of the Allied forces.

For this, the developers have added several types of equipment to the addon for Minecraft PE. And at the same time and a huge number of weapons .

Thus, minecrafters will be able to use Jeep cars, landing boats, C47 aircraft and defensive hedgehogs.


Another great mod that will allow you to use various weapons of World War 2. You don’t even have to use the / function or / give commands to do this. The only thing that needs to be activated in Minecraft PE is experimental mode.

After loading into the world of Minecraft PE, you will receive several dozen unique items and blocks . They can be used to recreate the battles of ancient times.


If you are a fan of heavy artillery in Minecraft PE straight from WW2, then this addon is perfect for you. The players have developed a mod that adds many types of artillery guns aimed against tanks or aircraft.

To get them in survival mode, you do not have to use commands and so on – everything can be crafted.


  • What are boats and planes for in Minecraft PE?

    They are needed to transport up to 10 players at a time to recreate a real battle between two armies.
  • How can you get artillery in survival?

    To do this, you will either need to use a team or craft it.
  • What resources are needed to craft weapons of WW2?

    Creating them will require resources such as iron and wood.