Download mod for ore for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.71

Download mod for ores for Minecraft PE : a large number of previously unseen minerals are available in the caves.

Best Ore Mods for Minecraft PE

In the caves of Minecraft PE, a rather modest variety of minerals is generated. Only diamonds, iron, gold, emeralds and a couple of other resources are available to users. This amount is clearly not enough for full survival.

However, mods come to the rescue, adding a huge amount of new ores and stones to the game. These materials can be used to create cool armor and tools.


The presented mod brings to Minecraft PE not only various ores , but also various items. For example, orange citrine armor, which makes the wearer fire resistant. Moreover, this armor sets opponents on fire.

Info: You can craft amethyst and aquamarine armor. In the first, you will become stronger, and in the second, you will get incredible jumping ability.

In turn, chrysolite will speed up the extraction of any blocks in Minecraft PE . Sapphire will add strong resistance to damage, making you almost invulnerable.

More ore

This mod adds to Minecraft PE eight types of new ores , the vast majority of which are unremarkable. However, there are also rare minerals. For example, lead and nickel.

Players can now craft blocks from copper, tin and other metals. Also create weapons from these materials.

By the way, the most curious innovation of this mod for Minecraft PE is apples made of various metals. The fruit from each type of ore gives the user a certain effect.

Information: Having eaten an apple from a tin, the player will receive an acceleration for two and a half minutes.

Also added to Minecraft PE are eight varieties of swords from new ores. Each type differs in the number of damage and durability.


  • What effect does a citrine armor wearer have in Minecraft PE?

    This armor gives the player fire resistance.
  • What can be made from new ores?

    They can be used to make armor, tools, weapons and apples.
  • What happens if you eat a tin apple in Minecraft PE?

    A tin apple will give the eater a speed of 2.5 minutes.