Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download Minecraft on android with a working Xbox Live:use recipes with improved bamboo planks, listen to mob sounds and put books on new shelves!

What’s new in Minecraft update?

The team of authors of the game improved the cubic world by adding some edits. The textures of several mobs have also changed, and the functionality of items in Minecraft PE has become wider.

Bamboo wood

Beautiful bamboo textures have been updated and now their lighting matches the rest of the blocks in Minecraft Planks made from this material can be used in any recipe that calls for wood.

From blocks of bamboo you can make steps, fences, floors and much more. Players can also use the new wood to craft a hanging sign.


Camels, which began to perform the function of transport for players in the game, received updates in Minecraft PE You can now equip this animal with a dispenser.

By the way, dispensers can also equip tamed horses, mules, donkeys, pigs, and striders.

The textures of the Annoyer have also changed: now they correspond to the PC version.

Carved shelves

This type of shelf allows you to store enchanted books inside. The developers have added to Minecraft the ability to remove the book, holding it in hand.

By the way, you can remove items from shelves in special slots.

Mob sounds

In Minecraft PE it is possible to listen to the sounds of some creatures by placing their heads on note blocks. In this update, the sounds of the Ender dragon have become quieter.

Music player now adjusts mob head sounds correctly so you won’t have any problems listening.

At the moment, MCPE players can only use the heads of a few creatures for this. For example, creeper, piglin, zombie and several others.


  • How many skins are available to users in total in MCPE

    9 skins.
  • How many riders can move simultaneously on a camel in Minecraft PE

    Two players.
  • What can Chiseled Bookshelf be used for?

    To store books and create a secret passage.