Download Minecraft PE 1.2.8

Version 1.2.8 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download for free the full version of Minecraft 1.2.8 for Android with working Xbox Live and check out the global update!

What’s new in Minecraft PE 1.2.8?

There are quite a few innovations in this version. The game has been replenished with both new blocks and objects, and one new creature – a parrot . It is also worth noting a new generation – a canyon, which will be generated in the form of a fault in the ground.


As you know, when it appeared in creative mode, there were certain items in the player’s inventory. Most often they had to be cleaned, which took time. In Minecraft 1.2.8, the Mojang developers have solved this problem. They added the ability to spawn with empty inventory , just like in survival mode. Also now requires Fire Powder to brew.

From now on you should wait a little before drinking milk after milking a cow.


It is another long-awaited innovation in Minecraft PE 1.2.8. It is generated in almost any biome as a rift in the ground. Height can be up to up to 30 blocks, and width up to 15 . Extremely useful in the early stages of survival.

Blocks and items

With the release of Minecraft 1.2.8, a large number of new blocks and items have appeared. Among them, a book with a feather and flags deserve special attention. With the help of the first, you can record various information. After that, the book can be signed so that no one can edit it. And flags, in turn, serve for decoration.

A player has also been added to listen to music by playing LPs.


A parrot has appeared in Minecraft PE 1.2.8. It is a player-neutral creature that can be tamed with seeds. After that, the parrot will start follow the player or sit still. In addition, this bird can climb on the shoulder if you stand next to it for a while.


  • Is the parrot on the shoulder a separate creature?

    No, it comes with the player model. A tag is simply assigned to the player, after which the parrot appears on the shoulder.
  • Where can I find a parrot?

    They live in the jungle of Minecraft PE 1.2.8 and make characteristic sounds.
  • How can I get records in MCPE 1.2.8?

    From chests in various dungeons or fortresses.