Download roller coaster map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.20.81

Download the roller coaster map for Minecraft PE: feel the incredible adrenaline on over fifty different attractions!

The best roller coaster maps for Minecraft PE

The railway map system for Minecraft PE is located on the territory of a huge park, which contains many attractions .

Info: Roller coasters are one of the most popular and exciting rail rides in the world.

What can you see?

On your way you can meet more than 50 other attractions and buildings that are located on the islands. There are 6 thematic zones in the park for Minecraft PE:

  1. ronald dahl;
  2. lord of the rings;
  3. castle;
  4. pirates;
  5. tropics;
  6. horror.

The author has created a roller coaster not only for the purpose of getting cool sensations, but also for viewing the beautiful park. They are translated into additional entertainment . In addition to the above, the map has other buildings:

  • hotels;

Each hotel has its own unique structures and structures.

  • restaurants.

Restaurants are scattered throughout the area and have different themes.

Tip: If you want to enjoy all the beauty of this world, take a ride at night. It is at this time that fireworks will be launched, and the lighting will make the atmosphere magical.

How to start skating?

Initially, you will sleep on a roller coaster map at the park gate. You will have a ticket in your Minecraft PE inventory that you need to put in the chest to access the territory.

Then you just need to select any starting point and place a minecart there, which is also in your inventory.

What are the requirements for the card?

This roller coaster map is quite large-scale. Because of this, on some devices it may work incorrectly . Blocks may disappear and terrain rendering will be slow.

Important: The map uses all the innovations of Minecraft PE 1.2, so it is recommended to play on this version and higher.

Park Blazer Land

On this map for Minecraft PE, the Blazer Land amusement park is located. The main attraction of this place is the roller coaster . There are five types of them in the park, which differ in their theme.

In total, Blazer Land has more than 15 different attractions . These include a free fall tower, a laugh room, a shooting range, and more.


  • What else does this card contain?

    On your way you can meet more than 50 other attractions and buildings.
  • How to enter the park?

    You will have a ticket in your inventory that you need to put in the chest to enter the park.
  • What version is it for?

    The map uses all the full functions and innovations of Minecraft PE 1.2.